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In addition to being able to specify, design, and implement software systems and employ modern computer languages and platforms in the workplace, Notre Dame BACS students will also develop a sophisticated understanding of the theory and practice of a non-computing field, how computer science impacts it, and perhaps how it impacts computer science. 

Examples of liberal arts majors making an impact in tech are not hard to find — the CEOs of Slack, Alibaba, YouTube, and Airbnb all majored in the arts or the humanities. And media sources such as Fast Company and CNBC regularly quote executives from tech companies such as Carbonite, MediaAlpha, and Vidyard about their desire to hire liberal arts graduates because of the valuable skills they bring to their professional roles. 

Jay Dettling '93, the CEO of global marketing agency Ansira and a former executive at Adobe and Accenture, said he foresees graduates of the BACS program standing out on the job market because of their ability to approach problem-solving from a broader perspective.

"Today's business challenges require that future leaders be versed in the art of storytelling — and the liberal arts background is invaluable in forming those skills," said Dettling, who majored in economics and computer applications at Notre Dame. "Diversity in thinking is really important in the formation of teams, and the students who complete this degree will have those qualities coupled with a foundation in computer science."

Jobs for Computer Science Grads

An understanding of computer science coupled with a liberal arts education can open doors to careers in interesting and meaningful areas, such as: 

  • Software developer
  • Computer programmer
  • Web developer
  • Business analyst
  • User experience designer
  • Computer information researcher
  • Systems analyst
  • #1 Job in America Software developer is the best job of 2019 according the US News and World Report.
  • 3rd Most Popular Technology is one of the most popular sectors for recent liberal arts graduates
  • 21% Job Growth Jobs for software developers are being added rapidly, faster than the average for most other occupations.
  • 58% of all new jobs The majority of new jobs in the STEM fields are in computing.
  • 3.1 million new positions Estimated job growth in computing by 2026.
  • $105,590 median pay for software developers in 2018.