As a BACS student, you can make the most of your liberal arts education — and prepare for life after graduation — by taking advantage of the many opportunities Notre Dame offers.

A variety of programs are available to offer guidance and funding if you're interested in independent research, summer internships, study abroad, national fellowships, career preparation, and more.

Research Opportunities

Research Labs


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Computer Science and Engineering Research Lab Opportunities

Undergraduate students in the BACS program are encouraged to consider joining a computer science based research project within the College of Engineering

Notre Dame Wireless Institute

The Wireless Institute at the University of Notre Dame will conduct a 10-week summer undergraduate research program called Advanced Wireless Research Experiences (AWaRE). AWaRE provides opportunities for undergraduate students to experience hands-on innovative research alongside faculty and graduate students and staff.

Senior Thesis

Students are encouraged to conduct original research through either a senior thesis or capstone project. Funding support is available from the following resources:

Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement Research Grants

CUSE can help students develop and find funding for many different kinds of research to help make the most of their Notre Dame experience and expand the intellectual life at the University.

Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (ISLA-UROP) Grants

UROP grants give students the opportunity to design all aspects of their projects, from identifying a research topic or creative goal to developing a persuasive narrative, reasonable timetable, and appropriate budget. Each student is guided through this process by a faculty member of their choosing. These programs offer a variety of academic year and summer funding opportunities. Some grants focus on supporting scholarship on particular themes and topics, while others are dedicated to supporting general scholarly and creative endeavors. 

Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grants

The Kellogg and Kroc Institutes offer summer research grants for undergraduate students at Notre Dame. The grants are intended for juniors whose interests include a clear international dimension related to the Kellogg Institute's themes or the themes of the Kroc Institute. Grants up to $5,000 each will be awarded for research abroad or, if demonstrably appropriate, in the United States. 

Liu Institute Research Grants

The Liu Institute is pleased to offer funding to both undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing Asia-related research or participating in general (non-language) study abroad programs to Asia. 

Nanovic Insititute Research Grants

The Nanovic Institute supports independent student research in European Studies which requires travel to Europe for archival and/or field research.

You are encouraged to speak with your advisors to identify other sources of funding and support that may apply to your individual projects as well.

Internship Opportunities

Career Expo

Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program

The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development offers the Summer Funding Program to support Notre Dame undergraduate students during their summer experiences. This program is intended to alleviate the living costs incurred as a result of participating in a summer experience crucial to career success. The Center for Career Development also assists students in finding internships. 

Nanovic Institute Internship Grants

The Nanovic Institute supports student summer internships and service opportunities in a variety of fields in Europe’s most international cities and revealing locales.

Silicon Valley Semester

The University of Notre Dame Silicon Valley Semester Program (SVS) provides an off-campus study program for students interested in a semester-long experience in Silicon Valley, the global center for technological innovation and home to the most dynamic and exciting tech corporations and startups. In addition to the coursework, each student will take part in an experiential learning opportunity through a paid part-time (20-25 hours per week), credit-bearing (3 S/U credits) internship at a Bay Area company.

Summer Service Learning Program

The Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves for eight weeks at a non-profit organization. Sponsored by Notre Dame Alumni clubs across the country, SSLP students serve at a wide range of placements related to healthcare, homelessness, immigration, education, and more. 

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Notre Dame International

Notre Dame International (NDI) offers many study abroad programs, but each of them will have a unique set of course offerings. The following locations are more likely to offer computer science courses that will count towards your degree requirements:

  • Entire academic year program: Dublin, Ireland
  • Semester-long programs:  
    • Perth, Australia 
    • Santiago, Chile 
    • Cairo, Egypt
    • London, England
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Rome, Italy
    • Puebla, Mexico  

BACS students can study in other locations that are not listed above, but these other locations will typically do not have CS courses, which may impact the ability to graduate in four years. Students desiring to study in these locations should meet with their academic advisers at the earliest opportunity to discuss options that are open to them.

International Summer Service Learning Program

The Center for Social Concerns' International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) is both a four-credit course and an eight-week summer service-learning program in Catholic social tradition and social analysis which together provide a critical lens through which students are invited to interpret an array of global issues. 

Summer Language Abroad (SLA) Grant Program

Summer Language Abroad Grant provides funding for individual summer foreign language study abroad with awards of up to $5,500. This is open to undergraduate students who have a declared major, supplementary major, or minor in the College of Arts & Letters.